by Wildheart

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The sun is shining out of my eyes
It burns so bright that it turns me blind
Blind to all of yesturday's problems
That would drag me down.

My body uncontrollable I'm clearly not fucking stable
It seems to me that I'm lost in my own thoughts
And I don't think I am getting out.

I can't be hurt
Not today
I'm not even myself.

The pendulum that swings left to right in my mind
Is a constant reminder
That I'm never far from slipping away.

All I can do is wreak havoc on today
And hope to hell I make it out.

I'm happy but my chest is blistering cold
I'm surrounded by the ones I love
But I feel, oh God I feel
So fucking alone.

I need you (I need you) I need your help
I need you to pull me from this grave
That I dig for myself everyday.

I need you.

Fuck I need your help
I need the feeling of being held
Just take me back, just please take me back
To the times when I feel right.

Just a day of feeling like
Feeling like a human being
Just a day of feeling like a fucking human being.


Screaming alone I want to be at home
No ears to fall upon
My heart screams for more
But nothing can break through it's walls.

Invisible, miserable
All in all fucking pitiful
A needle in a haystack
When did I become so cynical.

Back again my old friend
I can't say it's nice to see your face I'm afraid
I should have known you were coming
When my chest went cold and all my thoughts were numbing.

Waking up but never wanting to be awake
Breaking down and all I can think is how much I need a break
From this life, from this god-damn burden
That is haunting me.

Well I remember a time when I used to feel alive
The skies were bright and I didn't have to hide
The birds they were singing my life it was gleaming
A feeling of something-ness today feels so fleeting.

Well John and Jane Doe they've abandoned their throne
Throw down the gauntlet
And I'm cursed with the unknown.

My body's growing weary and my eyes are closing shut
I just can't seem stop these feelings
I feel betrayed by my very own mind I'm not seeking forgiveness.
I know I don't deserve it.

I'm not seeking forgiveness I know I don't deserve it.

But I'm searching for meaning
For a feeling of purpose
Something to save my soul
From this hangman's noose.

I'm not seeking forgiveness
I know I don't deserve it
I'll be forever in sorrow
For what I've done to me

For what I've done to me.

For what I've done to me.


released August 18, 2016

Wildheart is:

Axel Best - Vocals
Adam Finlay - Guitars
Haggan Dillewaard - Guitars
Kerry Rowe - Bass

Drums recorded by Jordan Hunter

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Gareth Hargreaves



all rights reserved


WildHeart Brisbane, Australia

Melodic Hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia


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