by Wildheart

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Recorded by Gareth Hargreaves


I breathed because it was the only thing that I could do right
But lately I've been choking on my breath at night
Unsure of what's happening to me
Will I just disappear never to be seen

The words you spoke move faster to screams getting stronger in my head everyday
So what was there to gain
For you to make me feel this way

Every word you speak
Has a consequence
And now it's pushing me closer to the edge
To my end

So what was there to gain for you to make me feel this way.
I will never understand
What I did
To be made to feel so worthless

I never understood the power of my words
I never thought that what I said would lead to this
I have torn away their son
I have ruined a family

Every word I spoke had a consequence and I pushed you to the edge
So what was there to gain for me to make you feel this way

You did nothing wrong and you were the one to pay
I know it means nothing now
But I apologise

As I held son my for the last time
Covered in his own blood I watched him take his last breath
My angel I don't know what demons you were fighting.
Just know that we miss you
And we love you

So what was there to gain for you to make him feel this way
He did nothing wrong
But he was the one that paid
Because of you he will never breathe again
Because of me he will never breathe again

I have taken my last breath


Axel Best - Vocals
Adam Finlay - Guitars
Haggan Dilliewaad - Guitars
Kerry Rowe - Bass
Andrew Edwards - Drums



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WildHeart Brisbane, Australia

Melodic Hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia


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